Sign up for Sunday Services 

As part of re-starting onsite services, from 2nd August people will be able to come to Chalmers once a fortnight at a fixed service time (with some flexibility for swapping). The numbers at each service will be capped at 50 in line with government guidance. We hope to enable everyone in the congregation who is allowed to come to be onsite once a fortnight.  When children's work is running, parents will be allocated to a service that meets at the same time as their children's programme. 

Please use this form to let us know information about coming onsite. We will do what we can to accommodate your preferences but would appreciate if you can be as flexible as possible in your responses.  While recognising this won't be possible for everyone, please come to the same service as others in your household if you possibly can.
If you have any questions about the form please contact Naomi on


1. Name
2. Email address
3. Names of others in your household / social bubble who come to Chalmers
4. We hope to start some children's work from 2nd August.  Where children's work is happening we will allocate parents to the service when their children's work is running.  Do you have children or young people in any of the following groups (tick all that apply)?
Youth Church
Sunday Club
Little Stars
5. Which of the following service times could you make work (tick all that apply, giving as much flexibility as possible):
N/A - I'll come when relevant children's work is running
6. Do you have a preferred service time (in answering this, if you don't have children please bear in mind that availability at the 9.30am service will be very limited as we are prioritising parents of children at this time)?
7. If you are not able to come to the same service as others in your household would it be simpler for you to come to different services on the same Sunday or to come on different Sundays from one another?
Same Sunday, different times
Different Sundays from one another
No preference
8. Please tick this box if you are able to help clean after a service as part of a team Yes, I can help with cleaning  
9. If you are not currently in Edinburgh when do you hope to be back?  (If you're not in Edinburgh and are unsure when you'll be back please enter 'unsure'.)
10. Any other comments?