The Bible teaches that churches should be led by elders. Chalmers has eighteen elders who provide overall leadership and serve in different ways through the life of the church.

Our minister, Robin Sydserff, leads the elders. The elders exercise leadership in the church in a number of different ways.

  • The elders meet together regularly as a group. 
  • These regular meetings are augmented by occasional day conferences and weekend retreats where longer-term strategic matters are considered. 
  • Smaller groups of elders meet to facilitate specific work. 
  • The different ministries throughout the church are 'elder-led'. For example, our policy is that small groups are led by elders, recognising their pastoral oversight and teaching responsibilities. Where small groups or specific ministries are not led by elders, an elder is appointed in an oversight capacity. 

The work of our elders is co-ordinated by Alan MacKenzie in his role as Clerk to the elders. Alan works closely with Robin, our minister, who chairs our elders' meetings. Alan is a pensions actuary by profession and like many of our elders combines service in the church with a busy life outside the church.