Hello and a big welcome from Chalmers Church to all undergraduates and freshers! We love having students as part of our church family and so we try our best to make sure that your time here is one which you'll enjoy but primarily one in which you'll learn more about Jesus. Take a look at what we've got going on below.

Student Lunch

At Student Lunch we get together for lots of food, meeting other students, chatting about life and about the sermon. As well as this we like to cover a biblical topic by means of an interactive talk including lots of time for discussion and questions. This happens most Sundays straight after the 11:30am service.  

Katie Howard, Chemistry Student

"Student lunch was a great way for me to get to know the students at Chalmers, especially when I was new. There’s always a great lunch with amazing home-baking, and a short talk on a topic which is relevant for students. It really helped me to feel settled in the church family." 


FOCUS is our undergraduate student small group that meets on Tuesdays at 6:45pm. Alongside Sunday services, FOCUS is at the heart of what being an undergraduate student at Chalmers Church is all about. It is a great way to get to know Jesus better, benefit from the experience of other Christians, pray for one another and encourage one another, all the while building deep and lasting friendships! 

Gerald Mok, Veterinary Student

"Going to Chalmers has been incredibly fruitful in my walk with God throughout my life in university. Having fellow brother and sisters who I can comfortably share my questions and struggles with was invaluable in strengthening my faith. The student Bible study (FOCUS) places much emphasis on understanding the word of God and building fellowship, not only between students but with students and the main church as well."

Weekend away

The Student Weekend Away is held in February in lovely sunny Arbroath and is packed with amazing food and banter as well as loads of really helpful and challenging teaching, discussion sessions and seminars! A great opportunity to solidify friendships, make new friends and together grow in knowledge and love of Jesus and the gospel. 

Chris Turner, History Student

"The student weekend away is a fantastic opportunity for spiritual growth as a student within the church family. It's great to be able to gather everyone together for a weekend and get stuck into the bible together! It's also the perfect opportunity to take a break from essays and looming exam prep."