The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project will equip us to be confident reading Mark’s gospel in evangelism, whether one-to-one or in a group context. This was a key focus for 2015-16.

The Gospel Project is a commitment throughout the church family to understand Mark’s gospel really well. More than that, it’s a confidence that God will use that to lead people to faith in Jesus. We’ll study Mark’s gospel together on Sundays and in small groups. We’ll encourage each other that we really can understand it and explain it to others.  

During the Autumn term The Gospel Project was launched on Sundays and training delivered to small group leaders and others. To find out more about The Gospel Project please download the information sheet.

During the Spring term we learnt Mark through preaching on Sunday mornings and by looking at it together in small groups.
A short audio explaining the vision for the term can be found here

Slides from the training day giving an overview of Mark's Gospel can be found here