Young workers

cord - web Cord is our network for young workers and postgraduates at Chalmers. We meet every Tuesday in the church, starting with a meal at 6:45pm, followed by small group Bible study and prayer. We'd love to see you at Cord whether you're a regular at Chalmers or you're new and looking for a place to meet people and study the Bible together.

Every fourth week Cord meets with the rest of the church for Chalmers Prayer Meeting with a meal at 6:45pm and prayer from 7:30pm.

Once a year in November, Cord go on a weekend away to spend time together, study God's Word and enjoy the beautiful Scottish countryside. 

From 19th November for 4 weeks, Focus will join other small groups in the church for One Step Forward.

For more information on Cord, contact Jonny Gilmour or come along on a Tuesday evening.